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On evolution of stationary processes near the origins of excitation

Sergiyenko L.S. 1 Nesmeyanov A.A. 2
1 National research Irkutsk state technical university
2 East-siberian institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
In three-dimensional Euclidean space we study elliptic system of four equations in quotient derivatives of the fourth order with four unknowns that parabolically degenerates on the coordinate axis. In certain classes of function smoothness an existence of the unique (with precision up to random constant) limited solution of the system that meet the fixed boundary terms in cylinder, symmetric to the line of degeneration, is proved. The proof is carried out through the reduction of the results of differentiation and integration of the system equations and dividing variables according to classic algorithm of Fourier. While calculating coefficients of the line that represent the solution of common linear differential equation of the second order with a special point in the centre of the research area that is a consequence of the studied system, special multinomials of so-called triangle form were built. The results can be used while modeling stationary processes in asymmetric solenoid speed field.
stationary processes
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Sergiyenko L.S., Nesmeyanov A.A. On evolution of stationary processes near the origins of excitation // Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований. – 2012. – № 1-2. – С. 5-7;
URL: https://applied-research.ru/ru/article/view?id=5551 (дата обращения: 25.06.2022).

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