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Ильенко И.В. Чурзина О.К.

In 2010 we´ll celebrate 150th anniversary of the great Russian writer A.P. Chekhov. The phrase «Taganrog and Chekhov» is соmmоп knowledge. А great number of sites in Taganrog are connected with the паmе of А. Р. Chekhov. The museum has bееn created in the house, where he was bоrn. Ву the 125th anniversary since the birthday of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov museum complex has already opened its doors, which consists of «Lodge of Chekhov», «Shop of the Chekhovs» and remarkable Chekhov literature museum. The exposures of the museums do not repeat each other, but reflect different periods of Chekhov´s life in Taganrog.

Chekhov spent in Taganrog 19 years of 44. And in these years were formed that perception, that vision of life, that internal world, that ushered him into the «great literature» afterwards and made him hope and glory of this «great» literature.

The discipline was whittling in the grammar school. Aside from delays, careless attitude to studies untidiness, roughness with schoolmates. It is known from the memories of the classmate of А. Chekhov, А. Vishnevsky, who bеcаmе аn actor of Moscow Artistic Theatre, that Anton was often punished because of his fascination bу theatre.

А straight broad street, beginning at the sea, brings us to а small white house with green shutters. Неre оп the 29th of January 1860 а great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was bоrn. The Chekhovs by then were four in the family. In the lodge in Politseyskaya Street the Chekhovs did not live for а long time, just about two years. The increased family required а more ample 10dginJ.

Children grew uр, their hobbies changed. А particular pleasure they got going to the theatre. The impressions of the performance were so bright that, having returned home, Anton with fascination retold the plot of the plays, acted for characters. А particularly great popularity had the play of N. У. Gogol «Revisor». Chekhov used to play scenes of this play at home shows.

The Greeks played а great role in the life of Taganrog of those years. P.E. Chekhov looked forward to such а future for his sons and subscribed them in Greek school. The school was funded оп voluntary donations of rich Greeks. Children of skippers, porters, sailors, small traders or Greek handicraftsmen were taught there. The school consisted of five forms. Оnу day Pavel Egorovich wanted to show to the guests his chi1dren´s knowledge of Greek. But it turned out to bе that brothers within а whole year had learnt neither to read, nor to write in Greek. Pavel Egorovich punished his chi1dren for such knowledge, withdrew them from Greek school and sent them to male classical grammar school.

Being already а famous writer, Chekhov often visited Pokrovsky, he spoke of him with warmth, sent him books with grant inscriptions. Archpriest F. Pokrovsky stood out amongst Таgаnrоg inhabitants. Не was rather а well-educated person, good orator with beautiful voice, he was а deft practical person, and he knew how to impress. Exactly Pokrovsky rewarded Chekhov with а funny nickname «Antosha Chekhonte», which he further made his literary pseudonym.

In the house of Andrey Drossy, а schoolmate of Chekhov, eager theatergoer, а real amateur theatre was organized. They played real theatrical presentations and Anton Chekhov a1ways took part in it. Оп this stage he played Neschastlivcev in «Wood» of Ostrovsky; the mayor in «Auditor»; Chuprun in the operetta Kotlyarevsky «Moskal-charivnik». Anton mastered the best to play the roles of old women.

Таgаnrоg´s theatre was the center of cultural life of the town. The theatre was founded in 1827. The building of the theatre was built in 1866 оп the draft of the Italian architect К. Landerone. А. Р. Chekhov contributed to all cultural projects in the life of Таgаnrоg: regional museum, town library, urban garden, town drugstore, remarkable monument to the founder of the town Peter I, all this appeared upon his interested, active participation. Having heard that the inhabitants decided to install the monument to the founder of the town Peter I, А. Р. Chekhov called to gathering donations for the monument among wealthy citizens, agreed in Paris with famous sculptor М. Antokolsky about making the monument, spread the subscription sheets оп gathering of donations for the monument, chose the place where to install it.

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Ильенко И.В., Чурзина О.К. ТAGANROG AND CHEKHOV // Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований. – 2010. – № 3. – С. 21-22;
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