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Gotman A.S. 1
1 Novosibirsk
The method of calculating the wave and friction resistance of different ship hull forms by using analytical hull grid surface have been described in this paper. The analytical grid is a set of frames and waterlines of the ship hull, which are described by the equation of ship versiera. The comparisons of calculated wave resistance with experimental data have been made for Todd’s series 60 model and for the river vessels «Sevan» and «Rodina». The calculated friction resistance has been compared with the calculated friction resistance obtained by using a friction extrapolator for all these vessels and also for the analytical Weinblum – 1100 model. The comparisons of the calculations with experimental data has confirmed the possibility of using these worked out methods in the practice of designing displacement vessels.
ship resistance components
theoretical drawing
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Gotman A.S. A METHOD FOR CALCULATING SHIP RESISTANCE COMPONENTS USING A THEORETICAL DRAWING // Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований. – 2012. – № 1-2. – С. 11-15;
URL: https://applied-research.ru/ru/article/view?id=5553 (дата обращения: 25.06.2022).

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